We have just gotten back from a short, beautiful break to the coast. I think I have mentioned before here how lucky we are to have such truly magnificent beaches on our door step. The girls adore the beach, even Miss T with her ginger hair and pale skin under loads of sunscreen and neck to knee swimmers thinks that it is grand. The girls are always a joy at the beach because who can possibly be in a bad mood eating fish and chips under the big pine trees (that I too feasted under as a child) with a gentle breeze, the sound of the waves the promise of a swing and a swim to look forward to. Well we did find some grumblers and do you know what they were grumbling loudly about - children! I could not believe what I was hearing. How dare children during school holiday time be enjoying the beach. "Make sure you find somewhere to sit with no annoying children dear" Mrs Grumpy says to Mr Grumpy. "I can't possibly stand the noise" Mrs Grumpy goes on. "Bloody children" Mr Grumpy chimes in. So they sit next to the putrid rubbish bins instead because that is the only area that is not infested with laughing, joyful, happy just to be people under the age of 18.

I found it so sad that children doing what they do best - enjoying themselves and playing are looked on so disdainfully by some members of the community. I sometimes feel that they are seen as second rate citizens that should go back to the days of being seen and not heard. How sad that children's love for happiness (for really that is what we all want at the end of the day) and joy not celebrated and embraced. How do children grow up to good community members if from the day they can remember they are put down by others for the life stage they are lucky to be at. I don't think that Mr and Mrs Grumpy realised that by the time they are elderly it will be those peace destroying children who they once hated so much that will be the nurses, doctors and carers who are looking after them. If children can not be children at a park by the beach during school holidays - where can they?

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