The Nevers

We've had our fair share of "nevers" while parenting Miss T. Right from her IVH and diagnoses and through different therapists. She'll never do this and she'll never do that. Hm, really? Do I really want to propose to any of my children a pathway that is full of boxed in, labeled predictions?

Last night on the 7.30 report on the ABC there was a fantastic, hopeful story of Caitlin McOmish. After contracting mumps as a small child she ended up with meningitis and lost the ability to walk and talk. She also had up to 30 seizures a day. Her parents were told that she would never go to a normal school. She has now graduated with a PhD and is a neuroscientist. Her research involves looking at environmental enrichment and its effect on brain disorders. Well worth a look at.

Her story and research shows me that sometimes I am on the right path when I choose to go against the never predictions. I'll believe something when I see it up until then I will give Miss T all the opportunities in the world to be whoever she can.

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