Letting Go

Well, Miss T is now 7! She turned 7 on Monday. What a day, she had a fantastic time. I love birthdays. In our house it is not so much a birthday, as a birth festival that seems to last a week. The best part of her birthday she said was going to New Farm Park. Not the presents or the trip to the theme park but just hanging out at the park. Made me see that the hype and the fanfare is somtimes more about me and less about my daughter's needs and desires.

I look at Miss T now at the age of 7 and I feel I have come to peace much more with her early birth and all that transpired as a family for us since. I know there is still much in store for us but I feel a sense of acceptance to it all. Not that I don't feel remorse for what has happened to Miss T but the fact that I am powerless to change the past and all I can do is my best in the present moment for my daughter because really that is the only way I can ever help her.

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